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We accelerate transformation.


We help companies become future-proof and master the diverse challenges of digital and cultural change.

What drives us

Strong solutions, immediately implemented ...

The future is faster than you think. The question is not whether you need to change, but how fast you can do it. Younger generations are demanding a fundamental shift in our values, and new technologies are demanding new skills, a new way of working, and new business models.

Only if we master this change, our companies, our community and each individual will win. We design a highly efficient development process for your company and jointly and systematically develop unique solutions that effectively accelerate innovation and transformation.

When it comes to business transformation there is only one thing that really drives your success. Immediacy. This is what we help you to create to reach your horizon 2 and 3 in the process.
What sets us apart

An exclusive collective of unique creators ...

We help you to create a clear vision and roadmap for the development of your business. The foundation for our expertise and unique innovation competence is our exclusive collective of internationally outstanding thought leaders from business, science, technology, media, strategy, design and culture.

They enable us to develop surprisingly innovative and strategic solutions whose feasibility we guarantee for your company. Together, we look at complex challenges from a variety of perspectives in order to break them down step by step and integrate all relevant stakeholders into the process right from the start.

Business transformation requires a strong machine room. Especially a strong collective of thought leaders from the fields of economy, science, technology and culture to drive the effectiveness and efficiency of your transformation.
Our ambition

Focusing on the people ...

Transformation is not a project but a process. We help you to set your transformation process in motion, define a clear future vision and develop an innovative culture with new ways of working and behaving in your team.

We create a positive and inspiring environment in which your employees are enthusiastic about change and offer them freedom and awareness for outstanding performance - from managers to works council members. We also offer tools and coaching for transformation.

Business transformation today needs a fiercely human approach. At and dos Santos we have made this a core element of our projects and live up to a change that helps us all creating a better life for the the business, the customers, the employees ... the society at all.
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What will your business look like in 5, 10, 20 years? Which technological solutions will help you to secure and further expand your market role? What sustainable business models will be necessary? How will job profiles and the world of work change through AI? What qualifications should your employees have for this change? How do you build a healthy, innovative corporate culture and a learning organization today in order to successfully master growth and change?

This is only a selection of exemplary questions that we deal with every day, so that the implementation of future vision and the achievement of Horizon 2 and 3 succeeds.

Our demonstrably successful solutions help you to develop concrete answers and tailored solutions, as well as to ensure their feasibility.

Workbench Ignition, sparking business transformation for your company.
Workbench Lab, building powerful and resilient business transformation for your company.
Workbench Booster, driving business transformation from within your company.




Workbench Ignition, sparking business transformation for your company.


Workbench Lab, building powerful and resilient business transformation for your company.


Workbench Booster, driving business transformation from within your company.


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Deutsche Bahn
Mareike Bell

I think the most uniquepart of adS is their setup – the very lean core-team but a highly-competent huge collective of creators that allows to put various perspectives on a meta-question in order to really think outside the box and push the boundaries.

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Excellent, curated and highly engaged

Our Creator Collective

One of our most valuable assets at ... and dos Santos is our curated collective, consisting of outstanding international experts from the forward-looking fields of business, science, technology, culture and design. We work together as equals, complementing our clients' expertise in their respective fields. We have ... and dos Santos focused on maximum innovation and also help other companies to establish an innovative work culture for themselves. Our Creators include, for example.



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