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From the briefing to the implementation and the project review.

with you all the way

Working directly with executives and their teams, we jointly create new foundations for sustainable success and positive cultural development.

... and dos Santos Logo

Our three cornerstones of successful business transformation

Our logo is a distinctive and descriptive carrier for our model and our ambition to unite our clients with creators and us in a systematic process to create unique innovation and drive digital and cultural transformation.

Our logo opens with 3 dots as a manifestation of our model. The 3 dots stand for diversity of the three in our creative process: The client, the creators and us. 

We replace the dots with our partners name, whenever we want to highlight a specific bond. It can be a present relationship or a future partnership. 

The idealist

Jutta dos Santos Miquelino, Partnerin

Jutta is the curious, innovative strategist of ... and dos Santos. With more than 25 years of experience in leadership, corporate culture and consulting, she develops smart, visionary solutions and helps our clients establish a strong, creative culture in their organization and achieve positive change among employees and partners. Jutta's journey began at P&G Prestige Beauté, where she developed and launched products for brands such as BOSS woman, Hervé Léger and Helmut Lang. She then moved to the mid-market at Storck, working for +100 countries, managing the development of new products as well as globally used digital platforms. At SONY, she was part of the executive team as General Manager, successfully restructured and led the operational business and achieved positive change within her team and the organization as a culture coach. At ... and dos Santos, she is instrumental in bringing focus to disruptive innovation alongside intentional transformation with a focus on values, diversity, happiness and new work.

Jutta dos Santos Miquelino Co-CEO and Partner ... and dos Santos GmbH
The alchemist

Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino, Partner

Ricardo is the creative, technology-loving conceptualiser at ... and dos Santos. He is an internationally trained C- and VP-level business transformation consultant with more than 25 years of experience. He helps companies gain completely new perspectives on value creation in their organizations and fundamentally rethink products, services, customer experiences and operations. Ricardo is the creator of our new consulting model - designing collective intelligence - for achieving speed, energetic creative teams and outstanding transformational results. Ricardo also stands for the ethical and creative diversity of our projects and has extensive experience from leading international positions in the corporate world as well as the mid-market and startup scene. These include, for example, alphin, The Coca-Cola Company, OMD, Pro7Sat1Media, SEGA, Universal Media and McCann.

Ricardo dos Santos Miquelino Co-CEO and Partner ... and dos Santos GmbH